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Geraldine L. Pyfrom
Age: 80 yrs
Birth Date: November 05, 1934
Date of Date: Tue, December 23, 2014
Funeral Services: Sat, January 10, 2015
Location: St. Philip s Anglican Church - Matthew Town, Inagua
Funeral Time: 11 a.m.
Internment: Church s Cemetery
Announcement/Obituary: On the 5th day of November, 1934 a baby girl was born to Nathaniel and Hannah Cartwright (both deceased) in the quaint settlement of Matthew Town, Inagua; they named her Geraldine Louise. Geraldine received her early education at Inagua All Age School and at the tender age of 14 years, she was removed from school by her then aunt to find work to assist in caring for herself and her siblings. She often spoke of how she cried and begged to return to school and how her good friend back then, Barbara (Cunningham) Bain and others pleaded with her aunt as well to allow her to continue schooling. All the begging and pleading fell on deaf ears, as they were also told that she had to go to work. As a young lady, Mum, Grammy, Gammy, Ms. G or Ms. P as she was sometimes called began her working career scrubbing floors; she later gained employment with the Erickson s where she cooked and cleaned. When Morton Bahamas Limited took over the salt company from The Erickson s, Geraldine continued her work there as a cook and eventually became the supervisor of Morton s Village Operations until her retirement in 1999 after her tireless labor of 39 years. In early 1949 at the age of 15 years; the lovely young Geraldine met and fell head over heel in love with the dashing Arnold Joseph Pyfrom. They were joined as one in Holy Matrimony of February 5, 1951. After this union, Geraldine embarked on another stage of her life, motherhood and was blessed with eleven beautiful girls and three handsome boys. It was a challenge to raise fourteen children, but as mum would often say, I prayed for my children daily and each time I would leave them at the foot of the Cross. Because of her strong Christian faith she was able to be a mother to her fourteen children, a wife to her beloved husband and a friend to many. She was a consummate mother, a homemaker and an excellent cook who enjoyed preparing meals for her family. Geraldine was a God fearing woman who loved the Lord and ensured that her children and grandchildren were always in church. She was a strong, yet quiet and humble woman. Over the years Geraldine battled with hypertension and diabetes, but during the early months of 2014, it was discovered that our dear mum was suffering from cancer in its latter stage. Over the months we watched and prayed as her health deteriorated. She would often say that she has asked God to not allow her to be a burden on her children or anyone but instead to take her home to be with Him. On December 13, 2014 while at home, mum fell and due to injuries she became unresponsive and had to be airlifted to Nassau; she was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit at Doctor s Hospital and underwent emergency surgery. On December 19, 2014, her children, grandchildren and other family members gathered around her bedside where we prayed and told her that we were releasing her to God for we realized that He had only loaned her to us and we felt that she was ready to go on to her Heavenly home. So we gave her back to God that day; it was not easy, but as we all cried and embraced each other we did what we knew was best for her. Mum never awoke out of her sleep. In the early morning hours of Tuesday, December 23, 2014 Geraldine slipped from time into eternity to meet her Lord. She was now free from all imperfections. Geraldine was predeceased in death by her husband Arnold Pyfrom, Sr. and two children Marsha Pyfrom and Arnold Pyfrom, II. Left to cherish fond memories are her Children: Alice McPhee, Barbara & Anthony Rolle, Austin & Shirley Pyfrom, Valerie & Keith Gilbert, Renae & Samuel Glover, Geraldine Pyfrom, Adrian & Chrishelle Pyfrom, Helen & Seabury Ferguson, Jennifer Johnson, Bruann Miles, Doris and Deborah Pyfrom; Grandchildren: Elaine & Steven Smith, Chadwick & Tina McPhee, Dunstan & Felecia McPhee, Alkino Ferguson, Otis & Evie Ferguson, Latoya & Jason DeCosta, Anissa & Brandon Corbin, Arnold Pyfrom III, Lakeitha & Natasha Pyfrom, Tanya & Shawn Thompson, Keithann & Bernardo Saunders, Krista and Kellen Gilbert, Vonetta & Alicia Glover, Cleo Neely, Christine & Jimi Thompson, Bersel Deveaux, Demeko & Sheena Deveaux, Donethia & Fr. Theodore Hunt, Orville Turnquest Jr, Joey Pyfrom, Adrian Pyfrom Jr, Anthorn Pyfrom, Lothario & Tareco Laing, Torando & Edalis Ingraham, Rashae Roker, Michael Johnson Jr, and Myron Johnson, Antonio Miles, Julio Rolle, Brandon Decosta, Jasmine Pyfrom, Victorio Knowles, Lashan, Deandra and Shondia Clarke, Phalia Cox, Chrishauna Curry, Cardinal and Cindy. [45] Great Grandchildren; [1] Great-Grandchild; Sister: Valerie Stubbs; Brothers: William and Thomas Cartwright; Brother-In-Law: Stanley Pinder, Sisters-In-Law: Sybil, Hazel and Gwen Pinder and Francis Cartwright. Nieces & Nephews: Alveta, Cecelia and Monica Stubbs, Thomasine, Alreka & Rochelle Cartwright, Louise Charlton, Valerie Turnquest, Marjorie Wilson, Carolyn, Sharon, Michelle and Camaleta Cartwright, Louise Handfield, Alma Morley, Cheryl & Jewel Thompson; Chris & Keith Stubbs, Pastor Fredrick, Michael, Andel and Ralph Cartwright, Michael & Andre Thompson and Pastor Josey Taylor, Willis & Leroy Ferguson; Other relatives and friends including: Vernon Symonette & Family, Iva Nixon & Family; Dorothy Ingraham, Deacon Sherry Williams, Fr. Tellison Glover, Pastor Henry Whyte, Joseph & Patricia Lewis, Sam & Renae Nixon, Sis. Mary Johnson, Donna McPhee, Donna Weir, Emily & Logan Beneby, Barbara Bain, Victoria Hanna, Edna Walkine, Arthur Penn & Family, Audrey Mortimer, Debra Cartwright, The Hon. V. Alfred Gray, Glenn Bannister, Carlton Farquharson, Henry & Sislyn McIntosh, Olive Beneby & Family, The Adderley Family; Pearl Harvey, Chyna Ferguson & Family; The Miller and Pinder Families of Long Island; Gloria Cox, Etienne Farquharson, Flavioa Cox and the Cox Family, Insp. Harrison Brown, Nurse Patty and C. Stephen Fawkes, Jessie Pyfrom, Vincent Charlow, Marshall Simmons, Elliot & Colin Ingraham, Vivian Moultrie, Coderro Edgecombe, Vincent Cartwright, Daryl Miles, Edward & Cynthia Harris, Althea Lightbourne, Miranda Palacious, Margaret Palacious, Susan Handfield, Leonie Seymour; St. Philips A .C. W.; Theodore Major, Michael & Olympia Nixon, Kim Harvey; Bishop Mark Knowles & Deliverance Tabernacle Family; Patrick Treco & Staff Blue Hill Meat Mart, Cora Adderley, Pastor Andre Farquharson; Pastor Ron Shearer & Blue Hill Gospel Chapel Family; Jacqueline Demeritte, Eloise Turner; Dr. Tecora Munnings; Dr. Darville and Nursing Staff of Doctor s Hospital ICU; Staff of Matthew Town Clinic; Bahamasair Family and The entire community of Matthew Town.
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