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Muriel M. Baker
Age: 72 yrs
Birth Date: January 22, 1942
Date of Date: Tue, August 19, 2014
Funeral Services: Sat, September 06, 2014
Location: St. Peter s Anglican Church - Simms, Long Island
Funeral Time: 10 a.m.
Internment: Church s Cemetery
Announcement/Obituary: These remarkable words were regularly sung and exemplified in the life of a distinguished and humbled lady, Mrs. Muriel Baker. Her presence graced her beautiful hometown, Long Island, and it has left an imprint which has been so deeply engraved in that community that her impact will never be denied or forgotten. Muriel was born to Alvilda Knowles Dean and Edward Hiram Knowles in Simms Long Island on 22nd January 1942. The name Muriel which means bright as the sea was appropriately chosen by her parents because her life has always exuded a brightness which has provided help and hope to all who have come in contact with her. Muriel was educated at Simms All-Age School and after achieving a School Leaving Certificate she was appointed monitor and taught for two years. However, her passion for learning continued all of her life. Muriel learnt to text, use the computer and internet and enrolled in a computer school as she approached the age of seventy. As the dutiful student, she would write all the steps to complete a given task, and she took delight in practicing the skills taught. As a young lady, Muriel s zest for knowledge provoked her to relocate to Nassau to enhance herself, and her zeal expanded from just academic interest to romantic. She met and married Jonathon Johnny Baker. After this union, she embarked on another stage in her life; Motherhood. Eventually, the marriage ended and this woman of resilience returned to Long Island to raise her children. This venture was not an easy one; however with the grace of God and determination she overcame and ensured that each one became an accomplished and independent adult. Realizing that she could not make the journey alone, she turned to Jesus and He became her closest friend. Through the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, she learnt many life lessons such as: With Christ you are never alone, be content with what you have Hebrews 13:5-6, The Lord is thy helper so there is no need to be afraid. Whatever your hands findeth to do, do it well. Indeed, Muriel appreciated the value of hard work, so she was always engaged in work in both her personal and professional life. In August 1970, she received a job as a Janitress, working at the Simms Community Clinic for the Ministry of Health. Her incredible work ethics was noticed by those in authority, so they encouraged her to participate in a Health Aide Course and in 1985 she graduated. She was then employed at Simms Community Clinic for over 30 years. In 1965 Muriel converted to an Anglican after the closing of the Methodist Church in Simms, Long Island. At that juncture in her life, her legacy of charitable work began: Secretary for the Long Island Red Cross Association, first Recorded and Chattered member of the Golden Star Temple Lodge in Simms Long Island, former PTA President of North Long Island High School, former President of the ACW, Member of Social Activity Club, Pre-Christmas Treat Senior Citizen Group, and active and dedicated member of St. Peter s Anglican Church and it s Social Outreach Ministry, a Licensed Lay Reader and Chalice Assistant. This phenomenal woman wore numerous hats such as a mother of eight children, a grandmother, a Mid Wife, a straw vendor, a farmer, counselor, friend and a nation builder. In her spare time, she enjoyed the art of straw work and the tedious job of backyard farming. She has always lived by her favorite quote, Be content with what you have. Muriel has always been known as a strong and resilient woman; therefore it was surprising when she was admitted into the hospital in November 2012. She was hospitalized for approximately two weeks. Following her discharge and recovery she soon returned to the island she loved, Long Island. Since that time, it has been necessary for her to travel to New Providence to seek medical assistance. On August 2nd 2014, she began to experience the same discomforts as before. Hence her eldest daughter Etherene travelled home to assist her. After her condition did not improve, she made her last journey to New Providence, for medical assistance August 7th. On August 19th August after talking with Nurse Spence, Theresa Shearer and others who called her that day, she went to take an afternoon nap but God Almighty gave her eternal rest. Muriel slipped away quietly to be with her Lord. Muriel will always remain a pillar in her community. Her contributions and impact on the lives of others are immeasurable. She diligently worked the vineyard that God placed her in, and without a doubt, she is with her savior and he welcomed her home saying: Well done my good and faithful servant, Well Done. May Her Soul Rest In Peace! Left to Cherished Her Memories are her Children: David (Lovern), Etherene, Carolyn, Anuscha & Edward Baker, Retired Petty Officer Christina ( Bryan) Smith, Quincy (JoyAnn) Cartwright, and Leading Seaman Mirza (Sherel) Turnquest; Adopted daughter/grandniece: Suzanne (Garfield) Morrison; Grandchildren: Kevin Lemond (Sharell) Edwards, Kayla, Jermaine Seymour, Shonique, Andrew Frazier, Sherenelle Rose, Arsenio, Briel, Gabrielle Baker, Britanni, Bria, Branson Smith, Tariq, Joshua, Adia Cartwright, Ieisha Clarke, Laverne Lockhart; Great-Grandchildren: Travis, Tamia Edwards, Shaquan Rose, Renardo, Amari Bethel, Claysha, Clenelle, Laputer Powell, Shantvia Higgs, Braeden Seymour, Chennai Smith and Gabrielle Oliver; Brother: Victor Knowles; Sisters: Idell, Roselda and Barbara Knowles; Sisters-In-Laws: Cora Dean, Elizabeth, Delano and Lillian Knowles; Nieces & Nephews: Rozina (Richard) Deal, Helen (George) Adderley, Synida Dorsette, Ginger (Courtney) Lakes, Richard, Nelson (Rose), Lloyd, Daniel, Genette, Eric and Dellarece Gardiner, Maxwell, Mervin, Glen (Theresa), Kevin, Nicole, Alvilda, Percy, Earklin, Dean, Loretta (Brian) Maycock, Michelle, Cheryl (Glen) Adderley, Ellis (Haycinth) Knowles, Enos, Estelle, Patrick Darling, Pedro, Monique Seymour, Berthmae Thompson, Barbara Romer, Rodwell, Maxwell, Joel Colan (Judy) Knowles, Cyril, Andrew, Peter, Marsha, Beryl, Antonio, Antoinette, Garvin, Tamara, Tammy, Tina, Lynette, Dwight, Dwayne, Steve, Edroy, Ken, Michelle, Kera, Adina, Kevin, Omar, Crystal, Christopher Knowles, Patrick Moxey, Patrice, Valderine Higgs, Apryl Culmer, Zanny Cooper, Hestine Morris, Marina McKenzie, Rodnell Smith, Yvonne Saunders, Cheryl, Shirley Forbes, Patricia Bullard, Barbara Baker, Ahab, Joseph, Leon, Bishop Henry Morris, Roderick Jr., Alexander, Craven and Eldon Forbes, William Cartwright II, Rudolph, Dave (Michelle), Tony, Keith and Brian Baker; Numerous Grand Nieces & Nephews Including: Antionette (Daniel) Knowles, Dwayne Gray, Rochelle (Robert) Azard, Warren Gray, Richard Jr., (Sherry Ann) Deal, Muhammad, Anthony, Angel Florette, Xerlene, Xyden Dean, Shameka (Elvardo) Hinsey, Sharon, Renea, Adderley, Georgette (Vandrill) Jacobs, Michael, Kyle, Kenyatta and Kanell Gardiner, Patrice, Spence Dorsette, Mark Murray, Tameka (Kwasi) Thompson, Tereka (Dino) Cunningham, Eldon (Jamie) Gardiner, Tori (Miriam) Gardiner, Termaine, Amard, Danielle, Gensis, Micheal, Japhier, Diego, Erickiesha, Quinton Gardiner, Faith Lakes, Kevin Cleare, Erica, Chelsea, Clydero Frazier, Dario Seymour, Indira, Rajiv Darling, Sherkera (Antoine) Roberts, Dyran, Anea, Kavon, Anthia, Deanya Knowles, Sebastian Gray, Jelani Morrison, Keno, Shantelle, Anthaya, Ashley, Alonzo, Elroy Jr., Shaquille, Samantha, Kia, Candice, Cameron, Jasmine, Iranique, and a host of others, too numerous mention; God Child: Sheila Pinder; Special Friends: Nurse Spence, Linda Pratt, Freda Fox, Theresa & Alphonso Shearer, Martha & Itheal Knowles, Mary McPhee, Theresa Miller, Emily Smith, Judy Pinder, Oralee & Ezekial Adderley, Deloris Miller, Daisy Miller & Malachi Knowles; and numerous other relatives and friends.


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