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Nicole D. Rolle
Age: 49 yrs
Birth Date: July 11, 1965
Date of Date: Fri, August 15, 2014
Funeral Services: Sat, August 30, 2014
Location: Foresight Baptist Church - -Taylor Street, Nassau Village
Funeral Time: 11 a.m.
Internment: Woodlawn Gardens
Announcement/Obituary: OBITUARY NICOLE ROLLE A TIME TO BE BORN: Born July 11, 1965 Nicole kept her appointment with life as her parents the late Annimae Rolle and William Allene proudly announced the birth of an adorable baby girl born in a quaint Island Nation of 700 islands, in the Capital city of, Nassau, The Bahamas. HERITAGE AND BIRTHRITE As divine providence would have it, Nicole was raised by her grandfather the late Reverend Alpheaus Clarke Rolle, Presiding Elder and Founder of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, in the Bahamas, who would officially adopt her as daughter and affectionately called her Nicky. What Nicole did not know at the time, was that she was born into a honorable heritage of Kingdom Builders, Including the Late Rev. Arthur Preacher Rolle, the Late Rev. Randolph Bar, Rev. Dr. Charles Culmer, The Walking Bible and Prophetess Iris Culmer of Foresight Baptist Church, Elder Madeline Olivia Wells, The altruistic Pastor of Holy Trinity A. M. E. Zion Church, Deaconess Lucille Kelly, Elder Mary Louise Barr, Pastor, Christ Chapel A.M.E Zion Church, Bishop Reuben Mckenzie, Elder Ordette Cherie Wells Simms and, Rev. Jennifer Carey. As a Chosen Generation, innately we carry the Kingdom of God and pronounce his Glory, prophetically and boldly throughout the nation and the world. Our voices are heard throughout The Bahamas bellowing the songs of Zion and the legacy continue: The renowned Rolle Sisters, Cherise Rolle, Jerome Ivan Kelly, Psalmists, Alisha Culmer, Desiree Barr, Lakeithra and Shavonia Knowles. Whilst, our musicians are third generation mighty men of God, with anointed hands and voices, the Culmer, Carey, Simms and, Kelly families, warfare in the spirit, in their specialized musical giftings. And herein lies Nicole s birthright for she was born into a lineage that was chosen to bring glory to God, as a Royal Priesthood, as a Holy Nation. EDUCATION AND PREPARATION FOR LIFE: Nicole was a beloved daughter in the Rolle s family homestead and granddaddy spared nothing to ensure that Nicole was afforded a good education and so he enrolled her in the, Jordan/Prince William Baptist School. It was there she would receive her primary education, she would blossom and her foundation was set. Following the death of Nicole s grandfather, she attended the C. C. Sweeting High School, from where she graduated. Nicole was smart as she was a smooth operator, and despite the challenges that befaced her in life, it appeared as though nothing could ruffle her feathers, for indeed she was a Lady on incalculable wisdom! Affirmed by adoption, not once, but twice, Nicole was commanded to bring glory, honour and praise to His name! And so it was, Nicky was raised, taught, mentored and disciplined in the laws and statutes of God all of her natural life, unveiling sunshine wherever she went; for she was the personification of light, that shone so brightly among men that even in death Nicole s life brought honor and glory to God. CAREER AND FAMILY LIFE: Nicole was gifted in a myriad of disciplines and perfected whatever field she dared to explore. Like her grandfather, the Late Rev. Alpheaus Clarke Rolle, she was industrious and, entrepreneurial. Like her Mother, The late Anniemae Rolle, Nicole was an excellent cook and ventured into the culinary profession, assisting in the family businesses, and in every instance they were successful. Nicole s way and manner with people was infectious. Her pleasant disposition exuded in every facet of her life and she brought so much joy to us all. Whether it was serving her customer, preparing for family dinners and holiday celebrations, working in the Church, or assisting friends or family, she always gave of her absolute best. Shelived to love and to serve her God and her fellowman. Every year she would prepare fabulous meals, in celebration of her Aunt Madeline s Birthday, the matriarch of the Family, catering to her every need. Christmas is always celebrated in the Rolle s Homestead of Quakoo Street, and we would have it no other way, because, it would be absolutely a splendiferous occasion, and you guessed it, Nicole would organize and arrange the whole affair. There would be music and dancing, singing, exchanging of gift and food galore. She was The Master of Catering and Hospitality. There wasno realcelebration, or no real party if Nicole wasn t in charge! A protective sister, Nicole always placed the needs of her sisters, Cherise and Melony before hers, supporting their every endeavour, and taking on the role of mother after the demise of her mother in October 2004. Nicole was a beloved aunt to her nieces, Chakeva and Marquella and only Nephew Oneal, who she absolutely adored. And although Nicole would have no biological children of her own, in actuality she was surrogate mother, to her sisters, cousins and friend s children, caring and nurturing them as if they were her own. She was to every cousin, everybody s favorite cousin, but if you were to ask Ginger, Lakesha, Shannecca, or Anishka, each would swear that Nicole loved them best. Nicole loved her friends, and she had many, and though she would not see many of them for great lengths of time their friendships remained intact, because a truer friend than Nicole was rarely found. Among her bosom friends Undine, Rhonda and Maria celebrate her life today, and none more special than Sherell, her Confidant and best Friend. The one thing they all have in common is that Nicole was godmother to their children. Nicole was married to Buddy McCardy in 1991, and although they parted ways they would remain true friends. As a step-mother, Nicole would share in the disappointments and triumphs, of the children she called her own, always bragging on their every success and providing for their maternal, physical and financial needs. NICOLE OUR QUEEN ESTHER AND FREE SPIRIT Nicole was beauty personified, refined, and stunningly glamorous. Nicole was a show stopper; she always looked as if she was stepping out of a vogue magazine: Designer dress, Remy hair, Stiletto shoes, French nails and her face glowed in perfection. In our eyes, Nicole was the epitome of style, sophistication, and glamour. Like Queen Esther who captured the Heart of a King, so would Nicole capture our hearts for eternity. A free spirit her love for life would take her on many an adventure, throughout the United States of America, across the Atlantic, to the United Kingdom and on the high seas. If it was moving, Nicky was going. Unlike most people, because Nicole could drive in Florida, she would pick up and go on a whim and every single year ensured that her family members would enjoy a summer vacation and Christmas shopping. Lord how she will be missed! AMBASSADOR FOR CHRIST Nicole was an Ambassador for Christ, she was, audacious and she was courageous, and she celebrated the Kingdom of God. Nicole loved life and lived it to the fullest. A worshiper at heart, she took her place on the stage and shared her gifts not only in the House of God, but everywhere she went. In Family gatherings, she would break out in praise and a dance, lifting her voice in song when the spirit would give utterance! As a Praise Leader, Nicole demonstrated a profound and genuine love for her God as she mastered the art of worship. An excellent planner, coordinator and administrator in the Church, Nicole would organize events and programs seemingly effortless all because she walked in the King s purpose. Nicole loved her Christian Gospel Church family where she would share her spiritual gifts and grow in her Christian faith for eight years. In her daily walk, she was an unsung hero, beloved by all, because of her unselfish manner and genuine heart that was bigger than life itself. In no uncertain terms she would take the shirt off her backto helpa neighbor in need. A TIME TO DIE Time stood still on the 15th day of August 2014 to welcome into her bosom a daughter of Zion christened Nicole Donnel Rolle into the kingdom of God, with a grand celebration of the Angelic Host, and shouts of joy of an accompanying cloud of witnesses. Nicole defeated death s sting and swiftly crossed Jordan s River, after ailing only a few hours on that home going day, a week into vacation travel, having suffered massive heart failure. And so it was, in life as it was in death, Nicole s life of 49 years brought insurmountable and immeasurable glory to God, as she praised her way into her Father s bosom!


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