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Ozella E. Nora Taylor
Age: 93 yrs
Birth Date: November 11, 1920
Date of Date: Sun, June 22, 2014
Funeral Services: Sun, July 06, 2014
Location: Bahamas Holy Bible Mission - Bahama Ave. & Acklins Street
Funeral Time: 11 a.m.
Internment: Lakeview Memorial Gardens & Mausoleum
Announcement/Obituary: 11th November, 1920 was a day of rejoicing in the settlement of Black Point, Exuma as Sampson Theodore Taylor and his wife Beatrice celebrated the birth of their daughter, Ozella Elnora. She was the fourth child born to this union. The family later moved to Simms, Long Island where Ozella grew up with her siblings Zurlene, Blanche, Lurella, Dorothy and Theodore. She attended the Simms All-Age School and mastered all of the subjects that she was taught. She excelled above her peers and later became a school monitor (assistant teacher). In Long Island, Ozella worked along with other family members in the farming industry. She took a delight in rearing sheep, goats, ducks, and chickens as well as fruit and vegetable farming. This multi-talented young woman was not one to be idle. She sought and found the opportunity to become the first local straw girl by joining Ivy Simms, a well-known straw vendor, in the production of many beautiful strawbags. Her family members were staunch Methodists and she attended church regularly, becoming the church secretary. Ozella was predeceased by her mother in 1943 and moved to Nassau in 1951 after the death of her father. She became a member of Grants Town Wesley Methodist Church. She loved worshipping the Lord and believed wholly that we all have a responsibility to see that souls are saved. It was therefore no surprise that after some missionaries came to Nassau and began having services in the community she joined them in their services. These missionaries later constructed a church building and named the church Bahamas Holy Bible Mission and Ozella became one of the founding members. She travelled with the members of the church throughout the Bahamas and the U.S.A. as frequently as possible, sometimes holding services in Black Point, Exuma. She was faithful in her church attendance and even as the years began to take their toll, despite the pains and health challenges she continued to attend church, sometimes the only person on the bus besides the driver. Psalm 27 was her favourite scripture passage. In Nassau Ozella found gainful employment as a domestic worker with various individuals and corporations, at one point participating in the first agricultural fair. However, her love for straw work soon drove her back to that industry in which she continued as long as she was able. Ozella was a quiet but firm woman. She was a loving and caring mother and aunt and ensured that proper manners were displayed and that the young women dressed like ladies. She instilled good moral and Christian values in her daughter and other relatives. She taught them to respect their elders. She did her best to keep the family together and to keep peace in the family. She was kind to her neighbours and would often go to great lengths when she travelled to bring something back for them. Ozella knew the scriptures and was mentally and spiritually prepared for eternity. As she entered her seventies, then eighties, then nineties she embraced her relationship with the Lord and clung to Him and His word as her health began to decline. She told her daughter what she wanted and what she didn t want as she faced the end. Over the last few weeks her appetite for physical food declined. She continued to read her bible, pray and sing praises to God. On Monday, 23rd June she had an asthmatic attack and was taken to hospital where she was treated then returned to her home. As her condition worsened she was again taken to hospital where she was admitted and remained until 8:30p.m. on Sunday, 29th June, 2014 when she quietly slipped from time to eternity. Treasured memories will forever linger in the hearts of her: One (1) daughter: Roselyn Horton-Taylor One (1) adopted son: Stephen L. Dean One (1) grandson: Stephen Dean Jr. One (1) son-in-law: David Taylor Grand-nieces: Nadine Adderley, Eldora Bell, Beatrice Knowles, Kitten, Ronnie, Georgina and Crystal Taylor, and Samantha Cooper-Johnson. Grand-nephews: Ellis, Steven, Michael, Cpl 1503 Franklyn, Samuel, Victor, and Thomas Adderley and Rolly Johnson. Step-children: Dudley Cooper, Spessard Horton, Joy Tucker, Alfreda Farrington and Janet Kelly. God-children: Newman Horton, Freeman Cartwright, Andrew Brown, Bradley Bethel, Jennifer Smith, Shanique Lewis, Other Relatives & Friends including: Ellis Jr., Shawn, Zhivargo, Ellisa, Kadijah, Dominique and Shandika Adderley, Ryan Knowles, Yolanda and Tiffany Munroe, Elkeyra Weir, Kiziah Smith, Theresa, Leslie, Sonia and Cordell Adderley, Albert Bell, Ellis Knowles, Larry Johnson, Janet Cooper, Sandra Horton, Michael Tucker, John Kelly, Mildred and Bernice Robinson, Claire Brown, John & Euturpie Munroe,Marjorie Dean, Lois, Cynthia and Beverley Smith, John Sands, John Hanna, Rev. Jacob Adderley, Rev. Harry Rolle, Bahamas Holy Bible Mission family, Cartwright, Bain, Kemp, Johnson, Mortimer families, Rowena Taylor family, Wesley Methodist (MCCA) Church Malcolm Road family, Thelma Gibson Women s Group and many others too numerous to mention. Special Thanks to: Dr. Eugene Gray, Nurse Pat Deveaux, Management & Staff of Westwind II, Andrew Moxey, Robert and Preston Cartwright, John Hanna and John Sands.


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