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Arlington E. Faquharson
Age: 80 yrs
Birth Date: August 28, 1933
Date of Date: Sun, June 15, 2014
Funeral Services: Sat, June 28, 2014
Location: Annex Baptist Cathedral
Funeral Time: 11 a.m.
Internment: Woodlawn Gardens
Announcement/Obituary: It was on the afternoon of August 28, 1933 when the quiet settlement of Snug Corner, was filled with joy on the birth of twin boys to the parentage of Genetta and Livingston Farquharson. This was the third set of twins to this family and the boys were named Arlington and Craven. Arlington was so small that he had to be pinned to a cushion just to be held. Two days following his birth a hurricane devastated Snug Corner and Arlington s small body was found after two days beneath a house roof. Arlington and Craven (who predeceased him in 1989) grew up in Snug Corner and were inseparable. They attended the All Age school until grade six and was taught by Frank Walkine, Callander Thompson and Hester Tynes. Like most young boys during that era, the Farquharson twins were raised by the entire community and spent their early days in the farm and on the seas. By age fourteen, Arlington worked on the family sail boat that sailed the route between Acklins and New Providence. A strict disciplinarian, Arlington s father Livingston or Papa Country ensured that his children were brought up in the St. Johns Baptist Church, Snug Corner and from an early age were taught to fear the Lord God and acknowledge him in all things. Old Country instilled in Arlington many lifelong principles like, the importance of an honest day s work for an honest day s pay and if you spear the rod, you would spoil the child. Life in Acklins was extremely hard and subsequently both Arlington and Craven left their native land and followed their elder brothers Luther, Johnny and Nevis and travelled to the United States in 1951 to work on The Contract. It was in the fields of Florida and North Carolina picking fruits and cotton that Arlington was able to put those life-ling principles and good home training to use. He learnt new lessons like All men are created equal and If I can help somebody as I pass along, then his living would not be in vain. Fergie as he was affectionately called, worked hard and sent his earnings back to Acklins to his mother who ensured that each of her children owned a piece property in New Providence. This repatriation of monies to the Bahamas to purchase different parcels of land was the beginning of Arlington s future as he longed to return to the Bahamas to make his contribution to the growth and development of his beloved Bahamaland. On his return to his country and the island of Acklins, Arlington was smitten by a beautiful young girl within his settlement name Marjorie. After a brief courtship, the couple was joined in holy matrimony on August 28, 1957 by the late Rev Prince Farquharson in St John Baptist Church, Snug Corner. In search of a better way of life, Arlington and his bride eventually moved to New Providence and build his first home on the parcel of land in Exuma Street, Coconut Grove that was paid for from his earning while on The Contract. This union was blessed with eight children, who followed in their father s foot-steps and are all making significant contributions to the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. As a man of great faith who loved his God, Arlington became a member of the Annex Baptist Church where for his entire life he served his church with distinction under the pastorate of the late Rev. Isaac Pinder, the late Rev. Alexander Black and until his demise, Apostle Mitchel E. Jones. He was an honored member of the team that constructed the then church edifice now called the Alexander Black Memorial Center. He served in numerous capacities in the Annex including Sunday School Teacher, Bus Driver, Recording Secretary, Usher Men s Choir and Senior Choir. He had an undying love for the Annex and was a consistent worshiper who contributed to the upkeep of the church. Arlington instilled many of the life-long principles in his children that were thought by his parents. He did not send his children to church, but took his children to church. On his relocation to New Providence in 1960, Arlington was employed at Nassau Flight Services and the Bank of Nova Scotia. He and his brother Nevis also operated the mail boat service between New Providence and the Southern Bahamas. Bahamians from Acklins, Crocked Island, Long Island, Mayguana, Long Cay and Inagua were dependent on the M/V Lillian, the M/V Eastern Prince, the M/V Commonwealth and the M/V Windward Express to sustain commerce, deliver goods and carry information from the capital thus keeping these citizens in touch with the rest of the country. In his quest for continuous improvement, Arlington had an entrepreneurial spirit and soon became the proud owner of a taxi plate number 385. This business was his pride and joy and he was an unofficial ambassador for our country as he transported both citizens and tourist throughout the streets of New Providence. He had a great knowledge and understanding of history and gladly shared stories of the struggle for equality of the Bahamian people and the message of a risen Christ. Arlington loved his God, his family and his church would only be matched by his love for his political party. He loved the Progressive Liberal Party and was not afraid to tell the world. He used to say that if you cut him, he would bleed PLP. He once told his children, there are only two things that he have to do which were, He had to die and he had to vote PLP. A story is told, that beginning in 1967, Arlington and Nevis were personally, responsible for taking the message of the PLP and the fight for justice for the small man to the people of the southeast Bahamas which resulted in the numerous election victories for the PLP in those constituencies. From his struggle in early days as a member of the Bahamas Taxi Cab Union to his vigorous discussion defending the PLP, when election campaign came around, members of the other political parties would not even make an attempt to enter Arlington s yard. They knew where he stood and didn t try to change his mind. Edmund Moxey, Sinclair Outten, Matthew Rose, George Mackey, Fred Mitchel and Jerome Fitzgerald all had two things in common, they were PLP s and Arlington Farquharson at one time voted for and supported them. After the 2007 general elections, he proudly put a sticker on his truck that read Don t blame me, I voted PLP. On a wet and rainy evening on October 1, 1980 while assisting a stranded taxi driver on Old Trail Road, Arlington was involved in a serious traffic accident. As a result of this accident, Arlington s left leg had to be amputated and although this disability prevented him to remaining a taxi driver, Arlington never stopped working. His days and nights were dedicated to ensuring that his children and grandchildren had whatever they needed to succeed in life. From helping Euris in the kitchen, to dropping his grandchildren to and from school or work, Arlington kept active. He was fully engaged in the upkeep of his buildings in Exuma Street and Washington Street. In his spear time he would sometime be found playing dominos with the boys on Potter s Cay and also enjoyed weeding the twigs and planting in his garden at his home in York Avenue. His life was filled with joy and happiness. Arlington s Life was a testament to a good Christian man. He loved the Lord, he loved his family, he loved his church and he loved his country. He was a great example of what a father should be and he instilled in all of his children the power of prayer, value of wisdom and service above self. He demonstrated the importance of family and how to love unconditionally. During his time on this earth, Arlington came up against countless complications but through it all, he never stopped praising and trusting his God. In the latter days his obstacles included a heart disease that required quadruple bypass surgery, cerebrovascular disease, prostate cancer and asthma. It did not matter what came his way, he smiled and gave God the glory. While lying on his sick bed he would often tell his family not to worry because he is ready to go home to Jesus. Someone once said the true measure of a man is not what he achieves in life but what legacy he leaves once his life has ended. What a legacy! What a man! The Bible says that every man, was three score years and ten and by reason of strength four score years. On the morning of June 15, 2014, a blessed Father s Day at approximately 7:25 am after completing his four score years, Arlington E. Farquharson packed up his leaking tent, bid this old world goodbye, took the morning train and slipped away from this old world and went home to be with his Lord and Savior. Left to cherish his memory and keep his legacy alive are his: devoted wife of 57 years Marjorie; Six (6) Sons: Dr. Delton, Sgt. 724 Arlington, Robert, Kirkwood, Sgt. 2255 Joel and PC 1421 Noel Farquharson; Two (2) Daughters: Gwendolyn Charlow and Euris Farquharson; Four (4) Adopted Daughters: Kimberly Thurston, Belinda Wilson, Pauline Clarke and Lolita Simmons; Son-in-law: Craig Charlow; Two (2) Adopted Sons-in-law: Mitchel Thurston and Arnold Wilson; Five (5) Daughters-in-law: Bernadette, Elaine, Alberta, Denise and Audrey; Two (2) Brothers: Michael Farquharson and Rev. Prince Ferguson of Perrine Florida; One (1) Sister: Florina Ferguson; Four (4) Sisters-in-law: Era, Rev. Betty and Cynthia of Perrine Florida and Marvie Ferguson; Thirty (30) Grandchildren: Jamal, Craig Jr., Gwenique, Diallo, Alicia, Alleyah, Altanese, Shawana, Charnelle, Charles Jr., Robert Jr., Antonio, Kirkwood Jr., Angelo, Kevin, Kevonna, Kevinique, Trevor, Trevon, Jonique, Paul, Joi, Jode, Mitchelle, Mitchel Jr., Diantanique, Ashley, Clinton, Patrice and Kimberley; a host of Nieces and Nephews including: Clifford, Isadelle, Coralee, Wellington, Malarie, Lionel, Michelle, Carolyn, Craven Jr., Kenneth, Albert, Osbourne, Alvin, Geneth, Cresley, Mark, Maxwell, Clifton, Dorinda, Willamae, Bevan, Clayton, Jeffery, Winston, Albert, Kate, Bridgette, Dwight, Dwayne and Nikita; Cousins including: George Moss and Family, Edna Albury and Family, Veronica Rigby and Family, Evan Moss and Family, Rev. Reginald Ferguson and Family, Johnley Ferguson and Family, Leatha, Patishamae, Ernestine, Sylvine, Joy Sargent and Family, Cassius Moss and Family, Roland Moss and Family; Godchildren: Merrylee Stevens, Glen Ferguson, Remaila Knowles; and a host of other relatives and friends.


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