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DVante J. Bowleg
Age: 17 yrs
Birth Date: July 05, 1996
Date of Date: Tue, May 27, 2014
Funeral Services: Sat, June 07, 2014
Location: Glad Tidings Tabernacle - Kemp Road North
Funeral Time: 11 a.m.
Internment: -
Announcement/Obituary: A Time To Be Born: July 5th, 1996 was a momentous occasion. It was marked by the birth of DVante Jamar Bowleg whose premature entrance into this world, blessed the life of Roykel Bowleg with a beautiful baby boy. A Time To Live: Early on, DVante was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy Seizure Disorder as well as Scoliosis Spinal Deformity. DVante had many developmental delays and as a result was deemed Quadriplegic. These included the inability to walk, talk, sit on his own and also subsequently caused him to have to be fed through a feeding tube system. In his younger years, DVante received daycare at the Bahamas Association for the Physically Disabled but, spent the last twelve years of his life with a personal care-giver. He loved music and would often leisurely pass the time with his mother or late great-grandfather (affectionately known as Daddy) enjoying all genres of music. DVante s musical preference though, leaned more towards melodies and musicals. DVante s life was full. Though physically bound to a wheelchair, he got around more than one would think. In fact, he was so well known at the movie theatre, that he never paid for tickets. He loved church, and would often be in watchful observance, absorbing all that unfolded around him. DVante loved the beach and in fact, like most people, he would sleep quietly through the night and oftentimes would fall sound asleep on the drive home. DVante had a way of impacting people whether on the beach, in Starbucks, at church, in the hospital, or even at the mall. In fact, wherever he went, DVante always made friends. Some would often mistake him for a little girl; because of his handsome features and beautiful locks of hair (the braids and long ponytail did not help much to detract from this). His eyes told you everything and he would often be observed following his mother as she moved about a room. He has eyes only for me she would laughingly say, but the truth of the matter is that this was evident to anyone who ever saw them together. A Time To Die: Tuesday May 27th 2014 started out with laughter but ended in sorrow. It was on this day that Roykel and DVante would take their last trip to the beach together. The last nine months had been filled with trials and triumphs. DVante had developed restrictive lung disease as a result of progressive Spinal Scoliosis, which constricted his chest cavity. He would often struggle with his breathing and we were careful not to get him overworked or excited. Sadly though, while at the beach DVante experienced complications due to his pronounced illness and was taken to Princess Margaret Hospital by ambulance. At 8:10 pm, he quietly slipped away to meet his Lord and Savior. He is survived by his Mother: Roykel Bowleg; Father: Shervin Brennen; Grandmother: Sandra Coakley; 2 Brothers: Shervin Brennen Jr., and Rashard Bostwick; 3 Sisters: Vanessa Brennen, Brittany Rolle and Casheranearia Armbrister; 3 Aunts: Shelly Wilson, Terricita Brennen, and Shannette Green; 3 Uncles: Leroy, Trevor and Tico Bowleg; 3 Nieces: Humia Rolle, Angel and Audliyan; 1 Nephew: Hakeem Rolle; Grandaunts: Patsy Petty and Mary Taylor; Granduncles: John Pinto and David Blanco of New Jersey, USA; Godparents: Alicia Davis and Miguel Rolle; Cousins: Royell and Travisha Bowleg, Trevor Jr., Del Lanyno, Nathaniel and Akeem Bowleg, Anishka Sears, Sandra Campbell, Pauline Clarke, Denise Rolle, Colleen Odim, Shawna Strachan, Kevin, Edward Jr. and E en Colebrooke, George, Jermaine, Gerald and Gerrina Petty, Diane Dean-Ferguson, Marcella Dean, Olayinka Burrows, Ashley and Clinton Clarke, Lisa Humes, Nadia Campbell, Hillary and Iris Rolle, Cato and Cai Strachan, Marcian and Danavin Brennen, Melfred Knowles, Mateo Green, Charles Rolle, Reno Stuart, Tramine Miller, Warren and Shanqual Wilson, Alexandra Knowles, Latoya Green and Renoisha Stuart; and a host of other relatives and friends too numerous to mention.


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